“The Beat Was Meant For Sjava”, Ruff Shares Emtee’s “We Up” Story

Ruff reveals that the beat for Emtee's "We Up" was meant for Sjava

Ruff shares Emtee’s “We Up” story and reveals the beat was originally meant for Sjava.

It surely feels nice to get the details about the songs that you really love. Back in 2016, Mzansi rapper Emtee came fully into the spotlight while he was signed by his former label, Ambitiouz Entertainment. The rapper had teamed up with the talented producer, Ruff who produced most of the tracks on his debut album “Avery”.

The album went on to win ‘Best Hip-hop Album”, and many other awards. The song “We Up” which was produced by Ruff also became a huge solo hit after it dropped. Now the super producer is telling the story behind the beat.

According to him, the beat was originally meant for SA rapper, Sjava but finally went to The Hustla. Fortunately, Emtee made a mind blowing masterpiece out of it and it turned out to be an evergreen hit for him. Sharing the story in his Instagram page he wrote:

WE UP .This beat was originally made for Sjava, but when we are in the studio the person who’s gonna hear the beat 1st and jump on it the beat belongs to him. So that’s what happened here,emtee heard the beat 1st and he jumped on it.Song was recorded at 1020 talis place and i made the beat there 2.

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