The Big Exposé: “Chris Excel” Exposed As Azola Tabane, Girlfriend, House Revealed

It has been said that the best way to fight a bully is not to cower and submit but to bully them. That strategy was adopted by a lady called Samke, who had just made some devastating exposé about the Twitter user Chris Excel.

Chris Excel masquerades as a pretty woman on Twitter, where he calls himself president of Black Twitter.

In that role, he savages almost everyone, primarily women and celebrities, destroys relationships and mocks the suffering one way or the other. He’s a mini celebrity on the platform with over 1 million followers.

So his tweets reach a lot of people and have some impact. And peeps fear him for the social power he wields.

His real name was previously exposed as Azola Tabane. But that was all people knew of him. Now Samke has given more details about him, noting that he’s broke, didn’t complete primary school,  and lives in a backwater suburb with a prostitute who has HIV (unconfirmed). She shared a picture of the backwater house and his girlfriend.

Catfish: Azola Tabane (“Chris Excel”)uses the image of the model Bianca Coster
Azola Tabane

Twitter has been in eruption since. Many tweeps are mocking Azola Tabane for being a “nobody” yet trying to bring down more accomplished people. Azola has himself been returning the grenades.

You can grab popcorn or walk. Lol.

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