The Big Hash & American Rapper’s Argument Over Album Title

South Africa’s and his American counterpart Phora may have found a common ground as musicians thanks to both of them “coincidentally” having the same title for their albums: “Hearbreak Hotel” – or HBH.

Fans had drown The Big hash’s attention to Phora’s title and The Hash had responded that he isn’t changing his album title for anyone.

Phora, who noticed the tweet, responded that no one is asking to change his title. He admitted listening to The Big Hash, whom he thinks good as a musician,  but then he made it known the way The Bog Hash had responded might stunt his growth as a musician, ultimately clarifying that “HBH” as a title was used by a different musician before both of them did.

was somewhat courteous in his follow-up response, letting Phora know he didn’t mean to be disrespectful he also admitted listening to Elvis, who Phora had ascribed the “HBH” to, promising to listen to Phora’s project on release. You can check out the conversation below.

By the way, some fans of think he should collaborate with Phora. But would they collaborate ultimately? Time will tell.