The Big Hash Explains The Origin Of His Stage Name

The Big Hash talks about the origin of his name

The Big Hash finally explains the origin of his name.

Literally everyone in the SA Hip-hop scene has a moniker which they go by. It isn’t just rampant in South Africa, but also all over the world. Musician, and rappers mostly have a nickname that suits their brand as artistes and that’s what their fans know them as.

Sometimes though, the fans want to know the meaning of some nicknames that they don’t understand. It can sometimes be hard trying to explain your name all the time. That’s why, Mzansi rapper, The Big Hash is opening up about everything there is to know about him.

The popular rapper recently took to his Instagram page to reveal to fans that he recently had an interview with Mzansi Hip-hop DJ, Ms. Cosmo where he opened up about everything. According to him, he speaks about the origin of his name, his personal life, and his career in the interview. He also advised upcoming artists to watch it.

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