The Big Hash Explains The Story Behind His New Single “Amnesia”

The Big Hash talks about the heartbreak that inspired "Amnesia"

Talented Mzansi rapper, The Big Hash opens up about the heartbreak that inspired his brand new single “Amnesia”.

The year isn’t even far gone, and popular Mzansi rapper, The Big Hash already has songs on the charts. From what we hear, it hasn’t been easy for him as he previously revealed that he was suffering depression last year. This year, he’s come clean about it and finally told the story behind it.

On February 14, the rapper dropped his first music in a really long while tagged “Amnesia”. He also opened up about the story behind the song’s creation. He revealed that the song was written from a place of hurt and that it is all based on the heartbreak he suffered when the people he trusted caused him so much pain.

He said,

“I haven’t released any music of my own in 11 Months. I went through a lot of ups and downs, but ultimately I gotta keep it moving. A lot of silenced hurt went into the writing of this song (Amnesia). When you’ve been strong connection with people who end up hurting you in the process.

It’s kinda to wish it all away, including the memories. But because we humans and we’re vulnerable beings, we still do it anyway cause we don’t know of any other way to handle the internal pain and regret,”

It is nice to see that he’s finally at a place where he can talk about it.

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