The Big Hash & J Molley End Their Beef, Here’s Why

The Big Hash and J Molley have ended their beef

The Big Hash and J Molley have ended their beef. Now, here’s why.

Mzansi has been fully entertained in the short while J Molley and The Big Hash took their beef public. We all didn’t see it coming, and we had no idea what went wrong between the two, but we were all thrilled by the events that followed.

Up until yesterday, everything was going well as expected until it all blew out of proportion. Remember when Hash took to social media to challenge J Molley to a freestyle battle? Yes, that resulted in J dropping “Pall Bearer” which was quite the listen.

Of course, Hash replied riding on Speedsta’s “I Dont Know” sample put together by 808x and featuring Flvme “How To Kill A Dead Body”. That practically tore everything apart. Everyone was stunned by what followed, because hidden matters were suddenly made public and teams got involved. It all got really messy causing both rapper to quit the feud.

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