The Big Hash Promises To Drop An Album, If He Gets 5000 Comments On An Instagram Post

The Big Hash to drop an album if he gets 5000 comments on an Instagram post

reveals he would drop an album if he gets up to 5000 comments on a post he made on .

If you’re wondering why your friends who are fans of Hip-hop rapper, are AWOL, then they’re probably on his comments. Thing is, the rapper is starting something, but he needs something in return first, and his fans are giving it.

The “Right Now Reloaded” rapper recently took to his Instagram page to share a photo of himself performing and promised to drop an album if he gets up to 5000 comments on it. Of course, his fans and followers have jumped on the post to make it happen, because he’s only a-thousand-and-something comments from 5000.

The rapper previously directed fans to an interview which he recently had with where he talked about the origin of his nick name, his personal life, and his career. We cant wait to see that album drop.

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