The Big Hash Reacts To Allegations That He Caused Fan’s Death By Challenging Him To Sniff Paprika

The Big Hash shares reaction to allegations of causing a fan's death

The Big Hash reacts to allegations that he caused a fan’s death by telling him to sniff paprika.

It takes a lot of work to build a brand, but it could only take a second to tarnish that brand. Mzansi rapper has been on a mission to build his brand into being one of the biggest rappers out of Mzansi.

The “Life + Times” hit maker took a huge blow last week when news broke about him being the cause of a fan’s death. The gist on social media was that a fan of his had appeared in a Live session with him, during which he told him to sniff paprika on his behalf.

The rumour was that the fan did it and died. Of course social media tore him to shreds all through. After keeping mum about it, he’s finally spoken out. According to him, lies spread faster than the truth. He revealed that Twitter would keep quiet about the rumour being untrue while also stating that he would be taking legal action against the fan.

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