The Big Hash Tells J Molley’s Manager To Kiss His Ass For Trying To Reignite Squashed Beef

blast ’s Manager, after he revealed he was done with the beef between him and J Molley.

The twitter platform from and ’s end has been on fire for a couple of days now, after released a diss freestyle dedicated to Molley. With also responding with his own diss freestyle.

The issue was later dragged down the drain when who is also ’s manager and friend decided to weigh into the matter, dragging and his girlfriend, Ashleigh Ogle into it.

Nav also called out The Big Hash, calling him a liar, when he said he was quitting the beef between him and Molley. This didn’t go down well with The Big Hash, as he told Nav to kiss his as*.

See the post below;

The beef started due to a failed collaboration effort between the two rappers.