The Big Hash Tells J Molley’s Manager To Kiss His Ass For Trying To Reignite Squashed Beef

The Big Hash blast J Molley’s Manager, after he revealed he was done with the beef between him and J Molley.

The twitter platform from J Molley and The Big Hash’s end has been on fire for a couple of days now, after The Big Hash released a diss freestyle dedicated to Molley. With J Molley also responding with his own diss freestyle.

The issue was later dragged down the drain when Nav Albers who is also J Molley’s manager and friend decided to weigh into the matter, dragging Flame and his girlfriend, Ashleigh Ogle into it.

Nav also called out The Big Hash, calling him a liar, when he said he was quitting the beef between him and Molley. This didn’t go down well with The Big Hash, as he told Nav to kiss his as*.

See the post below;

The beef started due to a failed collaboration effort between the two rappers.

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