The Big Hash To Drop “Amnesia” On 14th

"Amnesia" by The Big Hash To Drop On The 14th

set to drop new single “Amnesia” on the 14th of this month. That’s on Valentine’s day.

We certainly can not keep calm, a storm is coming. Who even keeps calm when a storm is on the way? No one.

Well, if you must know, the storm is The Big Hash’s newest joint. That is dropping. Yes, you heard right. Well, he didn’t say it was per se, he practically delivered the news in the simplest yet clearest way on Instagram.

What else would anyone mean if they shared a snippet of their new song, with the title, and the file size. Don’t forget to include that they added a date to the post. If we’re not mistaken, that totally screams “this is my new song, and it is dropping on …”.

Did we also mention that his Instagram bio says 14/2? We have now. Friday the 14th is definitely going to be amazing for many reasons. Check the song preview below:

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