The Big Hash To Drop “High School” Featuring Kwesta, Here’s What He Needs

South African rapper and Adidas brand ambassador The Big Hash has been pretty busy in the studio. In fact he recently completed a new song title “High School” in collaboration with fellow South African Kwesta.

That song isn’t here yet. The muso is playing a little game with it and fans, apparently, are enjoying the whole exercise. The song “High School” is ready, but The Big Hash has requested five thousand comments on his Instagram post before he can release it. Right now, the post has over 11,200 likes. The comments are climbing, too.

It appear the goal of 5k comments will be reached tonight. Or perhaps tomorrow. Either way, th song will soon drop and we will bring it fresh to you here at UbeToo. It’s a date, peeps. Just keep your eyes open for the number.

Although a new voice in SOuth African hip hop, The Big Hash has made remarkable impact in the field and may in fact be counted among the resonant voices in the industry right now. That voice will be all yours soon, to embrace and savour, in the streets of “High School.”

Well, what do you think of the imminent song? Drop your thoughts below.

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