The Breezyverse: Chris Brown Shares More Info About His Forthcoming 3D Animated NFT’s

Chris Brown is leaping into the ever-burgeoning world of NFT with what he calls the Breezyverse — so he announced in a recent post on his verified page. 

In a post to his I stage am page, he announced that a new era begins today (yesterday, May 12) while also pointing fans to the new page he created for the project.

For those who might think it’s an album on the way, Breezy clarified that it’s not. What’s coming is an NFT. Just that. 

And for those who might read something demonic into the project, he clarified it has nothing to do with that. He also has sci-fi in his basket. You can check out the post below.

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The BreezyVerse features 10k 3D animated NFTs with sound and visual effects. It’s one of its kind from the musician but a continuation of a new era in blockchain technology. 

With his latest adventure, Breezy joins many other musicians who are exploring the world of NFTs, including Meek Mill. 

More details about the Breezyverse will be out soon, and the man behind it encourages his fans to check back for more information. You may as well check back here. We’re following the story. 

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