The Candid Moment: Minnie Dlamini Addresses Failed Marriage To Quinton Jones

South African media personality Minnie Dlamini has given insights into her failed marriage to Quinton Jones. Hitherto circumspect about sharing the reasons for the failed marriage to the producer, she opened up during a sit-down with 702.

According to her, there were red flags on both sides, and both ignored them and went ahead with the relationship. For her part, she didn’t give much thought to things before committing to go all out with the relationship. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

But then, her life has been changed forever and she would live with that reality for the rest of her life. One big change was that she had a son for Quinton, which means that she is now a single mother. However, becoming a single mother was something she never envisaged she would be at some point in her life.

But reality has already dealt her some awakening slaps and she is learning to live with it.

When Minnie Dlamini and Quinto Jones shared a joint statement that they were getting a divorce, many South Africans were shocked because they had a seemingly perfect union before. But now, reality has dawned on everyone, including Minnie herself. A sad reality.

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