The Daily Show: Watch Trevor Noah’s Final Farewell

Just recently, he informed his millions of followers of his imminent exit as host of The Daily Show. There is life beyond that orbit for Trevor Noah, and he would love to explore that and so much more. Why not?

The news is that the South Africa-born funnyman has just had his final show on the scene and used it as an opportunity to thank his fans and followers for sticking around throughout the journey and seeing him to this point.

On his stewardship at The Daily Show, he readily noted that it was a wild journey. “The craziest journey I didn’t predict, I didn’t expect.”

On his last show, he was somewhat subdued before the audience, some of whom were already emotional from the knowledge they would no longer be hearing from him on the show. Some members of the audience were even moved to tears.

Of course, it is not exactly the end for Trevor Noah, he will be going on a tour later this month and it will extend beyond the year. So, for those who would miss him on The Daily Show, they have a chance to join him at his tour venues.

For Trevor Noah, It’s the end of an era. But then, another begins.

Trevor Thanks the Fans & Black Women Who Shaped His Life | The Daily Show

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