The Drake x Nike “NOCTA” Collection Drop 2nd Releases Today! See Samples

Drake’s collaborative clothing line with Nike, dubbed NOCTA, is having its second release today 19 January.

NOCTA collection drop 1 old out nearly instantly, leaving no one in doubt of the appeal of the brand and its release.

Drop 2 is not particularly different from drop one, especially in colour choices and combination. You have a fine mix of yellow and black, white and black in wears ranging from matching pants to Monochrome t-shirts and a track jacket.

Some of the apparels bear the mysterious acronyms “A.W.L” and “C.L.” Can you guess what they stand for?

Perhaps without planning to, has advertised himself as a winner not only in music but in business as well. At the time he released Drop 1, he had gifted a fine NOCTA jacket to the celebrated South African disc jockey and producer Black Coffee, who wasted no time hailing him on Instagram, describing the gift as having arrived on time (in time for the festive season).

Well, what do you think of the latest NOCTA Drop 2? Do you look forward to updating your wardrobe with the nifty outfits? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Way to go!

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