The Evolution Of Mpho Wabadimo Post Big Brother Mzansi

Michelle “Mpho Wabadimo” Mvundla has eveolved remarkably since winnin the Big Brother Mxansi reality show last year agsisnt all odds.

A year has passes since her win and the mother of two is cool with sharing her evolution with those who would listen. Apaprentky there is a side of her people didn’t get to witness during the reality show because, in her own words, the housemates were playing a game – giving the people the content they want.

“The people never really got to experience me at the house because.” But it appears that may no longer be the reality at this point, as Mpho is opening herself up layer by layer, thrilling fans with her evolution all the way.

Now, according to her, she is building her own brand, away from the sporadic drama that characterised her stay in Biggie’s house wnd eventual win.

While at the house, almost every other day, she was up for eviction. But she managed to survive, eventually making it tonth final and clinching the prize. From the house, she had also developed a close relationship with another housemate, Themba Broly.

The two have a child together but their relationship has since collapse, to the sadness of their fans.

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