The Fight Next Time: Mihlali Ndamase Reacts To Musa Khawula’s Assault Allegations

The war between Mihlali Ndamase and Musa Khawula is not over just yet. At least, the self-styled Pope of Pop Culture recently admitted in a tweet that the beauty influencer beat her up. Before then, though, she never publicly spoke about assaulting him.

It so happened that Mihlali had turned up for Durban July like several other celebs and shared snaps from her appearance there. Musa Khawula picked one of the pictures she shared and tweeted it alongside a picture of him with a bump somewhere on his forehead.

He accused her of acting like she had not assaulted him a day before at the office of the married man she is dating (Leeroy Sidambe).

Well, Mihlali not only admitted beating up the controversial blogger, but she also noted that she should have done worse to him. It remains unclear if it was a physical fight between them or if she sent thugs to beat Musa up. Either way, Musa is still nursing a swollen head from the encounter.

The two have never had it good. Musa is infamous for sharing scandalous information about celebs – some true, some disputed. Her war with Musa began sometime last year after he posted her address on social media.

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