The Game Compares What Ye & Dr. Dre Have Done For Him

The Game is a believer in the letters of gratitude, and he has no qualms letting the world know who has been helping his career.

Billionaire rapper Kanye West has done so much for The Game in just two weeks that the songster dropped all the stats, noting that the “Donda” rapper had done more for him in just two weeks than Dr. Dre had done his entire career.

The revelation from The Game came in the form of a snippet from the songster’s appearance on Drink Champs.  Released by N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, the snippet has got fans talking

Without context – the snippet offers none – it’s hard to determine what The Game means by Ye having done more for him in just two weeks. The full interview wouldn’t tarry, though.

So while you savour the songster’s interesting claim about what two principal voices in American rap have done for him, you may want to keep your eyes peeled for the full interview.

For all his unpredictability, Ye has been pretty kind to those around him. And most of those he helped have not been slow in acknowledging the role he’s played in their lives and careers. The Game is the latest to shout him out for good.

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