The Game Disses Eminem In New Song “The Black Slim Shady”

The Game is still game for the tentacles of disses, and he’s unapologetic about that. This much played out recently with the release of the rapper’s “Drillmatic: Heart Vs Mind” album.

On the tracklist of that project is a longish number dubbed “The Black Slim Shady.” It plays for exactly ten minutes and is a diss track directed at Marshall Mathers III (Eminem). Of course, the Game is no newbie in the diss universe. However, tweeps have been wondering what the outcome of the diss track would be.

That should be understandable in the sense that Em is not known to be one to avoid a good night – not in life and not in his lyrics. The songster has fought many battles already, personal and musical, and his “Killshot” against Machine Gun Kelly still resonates.

It’s unclear how Em would respond to this. But if he should drop a retaliatory diss track, it might set the hip-hop universe on fire and inspire another era of musical grenades.

The Game had once described Eminem as the best rapper alive. So it is interesting that he should now lob grenades at the “Love The Way You Lie” rapper. You can check out the song below.

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