The Gospel Of A Healthy Polygamous Marriage, According To Musa Mseleku

He is known to be a businessman but he is more famous as a polygamist. Musa Mseleku is not just a polygamist but he revels in being one. So it is not surprising that most people should focus on his polygamous life and pretty much nothing else.

Well, he has a few words of advice for those who might want to follow in his footsteps. While it has been said that polygamy is not for everyone because not everyone will be able to navigate the challenges of polygamy, Musa has shared his success story and how to have a healthy polygamous family.

He should know, after all his marriage is actually without drama. His four wives – and he isn’t done taking wives yet – get on pretty well together. He has managed to guide his family such that there is rarely drama or public friction among them.

Now, according to him, the best way to have a healthy polygamous family is to start right from the outset – to marry right, as not having that right will lead to so many problems that would make a polygamous home unhealthy and even dangerous.

That out it. If you’re looking to start a polygamous home, there’s Mseleku’s wisdom for you.

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