The Gospel Of Love and Loving, According To Zodwa Wabantu

Controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu knows what she wants and she goes all out for it. But that’s not all. She loves taking great responsibility on the relationship and wants her partner to know this and respect this.

In a recent video posted to her verified Instagram handle, she had dropped some relationship advice for her followers, encouraging them to live in the moment and love with their heart and soul without fear of the relationship ending one day.

She also noted that she gives her boyfriend Ricardo an allowance. Couples help each other in a relationship, according to her, so why not? You can check out her post below.

Zodwa Wabantu’s relationships are subjects of great public interest, and she has been seriously criticized for dating men who are much younger than her.

By the way, Zodwa Wabantu recently stunned many when she removed her panties while performing on stage. It wasn’t the first time she had done – or allowed – something ambitious while performing before a crowd.

Previously, she had allowed fans to play with her massive derriere. In one instance, she had encouraged a fan to touch her bum, but the fan could only stare and stare and do nothing.

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