The Heart Part 5: Kendrick Lamar Switches Faces, Tells Stories About Fellow Musicians, Others (Watch)

Kendrick Lamar Turned Into Nipsey Hussle, Kanye West, Kobe Bryant, Will Smith, Jussie Smollett & O. J. Simpson In 'The Heart Part 5' Video

I am. All of us. wrote as a prelude to the release of the music video for his new song, “The Heart Part 5.”

He lived out that claim in the said music video, and fans can’t help talking about it all, as well as applauding the creative energy that went into the making of it. 

In the music video, the celebrated rapper switches faces, taking those of notable figures, including OJ Simpson, Nipsey Hussle, Kobe Bryant and Will Smith.

As he switches faces, the lyrics also align with subjects relating to the face switched to. For instance, when he changed faces to Kanye West, he spoke about bipolar disorder, a challenge the “Donda” rapper is known to suffer from. 

And when switched to Nipsey Hussle’s face, he spoke about murder. 

The clip was directed by Dave Free and himself, with DEEP VOODOO handling the deepfakes. 

The reception for the clip has been mostly positive, with many Lamar fans hailing their man for any creative work they think was worth the wait. 

It’s been a long run to the release of new music. At a time many thought he’d retired from music, promised an album and then started firing the numbers.

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