The Hilarious Moment Zendaya Googled Her Net Worth – and Her Reaction

With the world’s obsession with celebrity net worth ever end? Maybe not. If you’re curious about celebrity net worth, you may want to know that you’re not alone. The celebs are just as interested.

is one such example. Now imagine her searching Google to find out what she’s worth. That’s one recipe for hilarity. Well, she had many people laughing over that move.

With fame from her acting career, it was inevitable that somehow a story of her net worth should pop out there. In a Tik Tok video, which is already years old, the actress could be seen Google her net worth.

She had also commented on the same with a candour many people consider timeless.

The video might be old, but the interest in it revived suddenly. And although has said nothing about her currently alleged net worth of $15 million – almost 14 million up from the figure Google gave years ago – some of her fans think her initial comment on the subject back then was enough. It remains timeless.

is one of the few celebrities out there known by their given first names. In that league are the likes of Beyoncé and Madonna. You can add others.

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