The Lawyer Who Never Was: DJ Fresh’s Throwback Picture Ignites Mzansi

It is no longer news that people often ditch one dream for another and end up making a great success of the dream they decided to pursue in place of the other. At least South African disc jockey and radio personality DJ Fresh is one such person.

The OG – yes that is what he is often called because of his extensive career experience – recently shared a throwback picture of him as a teenager. By his own account, he was in the process of going to law school nut he got a radio gig along the line.

That gig actually sealed his fate, as he discontinued his law dreams to focus on the m music and radio world. In retrospect, he is happy to have taken that decision. Yes according to him, it was worth it. You can check out the post below.

Some of his fans were surprised that he came from law to music and radio. Some wondered how he would have turned out if he had continued with his legal studies. And yet some felt, she should have gone ahead and combined both – at least, he would easily have smashed the lady who “falsely” accused him and DJ Euphonik of rape.

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