The Light Has Come: Ayanda Ncwane Makes Comeback With New YouTube Channel – Watch

It’s been just a minute, right? Oh, well, Ayanda Ncwane thinks just that as she launches a new YouTube. It’s been a while, but the wife of the late Sfiso Ncwane is determined to bring new content to her fans – and she’s done just that.

In a post on her official Instagram page, she announced the launch of a new YouTube channel dubbed The Light Has Come. She also teased a snippet of her first post and directed fans to the channel to watch the complete video.

In the first episode, she dwelled on her near-death experience and how her life flashed before her during that period. That singular moment would define a lot about her life and its purpose. She has learned from it.

For those who might wonder why she felt the need to start a new YouTube channel after her eight-week social media break, she addressed that in the clip as well. Her fans have been overwhelmingly supportive, as you can see from the comment section.  You can check out the video below.

Ayamda Ncwane was previously a part of the reality show Real Housewives of Durban. But she exited along the line and, interestingly, another woman her late husband had dated became a part of the show as well.

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