‘The Mommy Club’ Star Tshegofatso Manche Taken to Court Over R100 000 Debt

“The Mommy Club” star Tshegofatso Manche, a.k.a Ms. Manche, allegedly dragged to court over R100 000 debt.

According to a recent report by Zimoja, Ms Manche has allegedly been taken to court over R100 000 overdraft debt by an unnamed bank. The reality star reported failed to repay a loan she took out in 2014 to fund her luxury clothing brand LA Manche. It is alleged that the loan has incurred a 24% yearly interest, leaving her with a debt of R250 000.

The “Mommy Club” star is not taking it sitting down. She’s fighting back. She argued that the bank is using the court system unfairly. She wants the bank to take her to a court closest to her, Klerksdorp, and not the North Gauteng High Court. She wants this because she took out the loan while living in the North West.

Through her legal team, Ms. Manche is asking the court to scrap her agreement with the bank because it wasn’t done correctly. The star will go to hell and back to fight the suit. However, amid the drama, she’s currently in Turkey with her family, living her best life. She shared photos with the caption,

“Happiness is a smile away, a tear away, a chance away, a risk away, never so much a destination but a feeling wherever you are.”

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