The Mommy Club’s Nozipho In Pains Over Husband’s Decision

How true is the saying that a man’s plans affect his wife or partner one way or the other? Well, The Mommy Club’s star Nozipho will certainly tell you that her husband’s plans have affected her deeply and she is “heartbroken.”

The reality show star’s husband is taking a second wife, something that has not gone down well with her. He already has eight children. For whatever reason, he felt he should formalise his relationship with his girlfriend and make her his second wife.

It is the sort of plan many ladies would consider a nightmare, but Nozipho does not appear to have much choice at the moment – except she wants to leave the marriage, which might narrow her options in the future.

Either way, she thought it best to share her thoughts and let the world know how she is feeling. Maybe from spilling things out she might find some relief and overcome, temporarily, what appears to be a nightmare situation.

In her current situation, though, she has the support of many South Africans, including viewers of the reality show of which she’s a part. Some encouraged her to accept the reality of her husband’s decision and not drown herself in worry over it.

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