The Oscars Will Introduce Best Casting Category in 2026

The prestigious American Awards show, The Oscars, has shared plans to introduce a new category in 2026 named “Best Casting.”

The 2024 Academy Awards, to be hosted by television show host Jimmy Kimmel, is set to air on March 10. While film lovers prepare to watch the awards ceremony, The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Science announced on February 9, 2024, that a new category named “Best Casting” will be added two years from now.

The new award will be the latest category to be included in the prestigious award show since Best Animated Feature was added in 2002. According to a shared statement,

“Casting Directors play an essential role in filmmaking. As the Academy evolves, we are proud to add casting to the disciplines that we recognize and celebrate. We congratulate our casting directors branch members on this exciting milestone and for their commitment and diligence throughout this process.”

The three governors of the Academy’s casting directors branch, Richard Hicks, Kim Taylor-Coleman and Debra Zane, responded to the announcement commending the Academy for the exciting new move, “this award is a deserved acknowledgement of our casting directors’ exceptional talents and a testament to the dedicated efforts of our branch.”

Casting directors are in charge of hunting for and selecting the perfect actors (casts) for a film.

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