“The River” and “Tsotsi” Star Presley Chweneyagae Accused of Being a Deadbeat

Presley Chweneyagae, a well-known South African actor, has been accused by his child’s mother of failing to pay maintenance for their 16-year-old boy. Alletta Somfula commented on the popular program Papgeld, which encourages parents to be involved in their children’s lives. Somfula says she has taken Chweneyagae to court three times, but he has yet to pay his share of their son’s maintenance.

Chweneyagae requested DNA results proving his paternity after discovering she was pregnant in 2005. Although Somfula has five court judgments against the actor, she claims he has not paid her.

Chweneyagae has recently made news for all the wrong reasons. The actor, who portrays Cobra or Cobreezy in The River, has also been linked to a National Lotteries Commission fraud investigation being conducted by the Special Investigations Unit. He is accused of taking part in the R15 million Taking Back the Future musical event arranged by the Southern African Youth Movement.

His foundation, the Presley Chwenengayae Foundation, was included in all branding on all project and show material, including a vehicle funded by the NLC. Chweneyagae also wrote the play, but there is no proof of any of the performances other than some photographs from the opening night.

Somfula’s accusations have yet to be addressed by the actor. Social media users, on the other hand, have voiced their displeasure, with some dubbing him a “deadbeat dad.” Chweneyagae and his wife, Paulina Chweneyagae, have two daughters. Fans of the actor and The River have expressed their disappointment on social media, with some wondering why he couldn’t share the NLC funding with his kid.

It remains to be seen whether Chweneyagae will respond to Somfula’s allegations. Meanwhile, fans of the actor will be praying that the allegations leveled against him are proven false.

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