The River Teasers: 20 – 24 December 2021 On 1Magic

Today December 20 marks a new lining in the walls of popular soapie The River. But what exactly has the series got for viewers in the coming days?

Well, you’re in the right place. There are already teasers for today, December 20, through December 24. Refilwe and Mohumi will begin a new journey. On the other hand, heartbroken Lindiwe still nurses her broken heart.

Tuesday, December 21, is a day of surprises for Flora. Mohumi is the architect of it all. Lindiwe is still nursing her broken heart, but she’s gotten support from Emma, who urged her to fight back.

Wednesday, December 22. With new schemes unfolding, Mohumi starts developing cold feet. Cobra, clearly, still has his “venom,” with great designs on Refilwe.

Thursday, December 23. Lindiwe appears to be walking through the corridors of healing at this point, Mohumi’s leadership qualities are manifest, and now many are looking up to him.

Friday, December 24. Not exactly Christmas Day, but the drama and intrigue continue for the Dikanas.

The River, one of the most popular of Mzansi series, airs on 1Magic from Mondays to Fridays. While fans may not get to watch the series on Christmas day, they at least have enough to binge on before then.

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