‘The River’: Thumbeza Shocks Nomafu With Divorce

The River’s Thumbeza shocks his unsuspecting wife Nomafu by asking for a divorce and telling his kids he wants to start a new life.

Viewers of “The River” have been kept on the edge of their seats by the Hlophe family. The drama is everything. Viewers were stunned to see Bukhosi “Thumbeza” Hlophe and his wife, Nomafu Hlophe headed for a divorce. It came as a shock to everyone, including Nomafu and her two kids, Khwezi and Nkanyiso.

Thumbeza shocked his wife with the announcement. He also had a conversation with the children to inform them of the divorce. He told them he wanted to start a new life. According to him, their mother isn’t marriage material, and he regretted marrying her.

“I’m leaving Nomafu because I want to start a new life.”

“Do not blame your mother, blame me for marrying her in the first place. I was not supposed to marry her because she is not cut out for marriage.”

When asked by Khwezi if he could sort things out with their mom, he said, “no.”

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