The Rock Says His Father Almost Killed His Stepdad With A Shovel

Famous wrestler, movie star, and businessman The Rock opens up about his father almost killing his stepdad when he was younger.

The Rock was the latest guest on Trevor Noah’s new Spotify podcast “What Now!” He told the story of how his dad, Rocky Johnson (now late), almost killed his stepfather when he was younger. He had previously shared the story during an appearance on The Pivot Podcast in May when he said,

“Quick story, it was Christmas, my dad’s dad had died a year earlier. And there was a new boyfriend in the mix, he came over, and they had their Turkey. And the boyfriend got drunk and peed on the Turkey. My dad was 13, they got into a fight. And he drew a line in the dirt and said if you cross that, I’m gonna take the shovel and kill you. And he was drunk, crossed the line, and my dad at 13 laid him out cold”.

He revealed that the cops came told his grandmother that when the boyfriend gets up, he will either kill his dad or his dad will kill him. They adviced her to leave her boyfriend and go somewhere else with her son, but The Rock’s grandmother chose her man, and told his dad to get out.


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