The Secret Of Springboks’ Strength As Revealed By Jean Kleyn

It is no longer news that the South African national rugby team, known simply as Springboks, is one of the best in the world. In fact, the team recently came back home after an impressive performance at the Rugby World Cup in France.

But what, exactly could be behind the sterling performance of the team almost all the time? for context, the South African football team struggles mightily in almost all competitions.

In contrast, the rugby team has an impressive history of sterling performance, even snagging the Rugby World Cup twice. Well, it appears like no one is in a better position to reveal this than a member of the team, right?

Well, Jean Kleyn, a notable part of the rugby team, has just revealed the team’s secret to sterling performance. According to him, the secret is as simple as every player knowing why they were picked or not picked.

To give an idea about what he means, he spoke about his teammates and their specific contributions to the team, from Eben Etzebeth’s strength to Pollard’s brains, among others.

In other words, no player is on the pitch as a decoration or to suit the momentary whim of the coaches. Mzansi loved the explanation for the team’s strength

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