The Soil Celebrate 10 Years In Music With Eponymous Album

It’s been 10 years of making music for the South African band The Soil. 10 years of memories and 10 years of gratitude. A decade is no short length of time. So having come this far, the group is in celebration mood.

To celebrate the milestone, the group had released an album referencing its stage name. According to the group, the inspiration behind the album was the melting pots of their youthful spirits. They also cited their relationships, their perspective of an ideal world, as well as the quotidian incidents in Soweto, where they grew up, as part of the inspiration for the project.

They thanked their fans for their support so far and urged them to look forward to more years of golden music. In the interim, of course, fans have got to dig deeper into “The Soil” of their latest album.

The project is potent and will probably encourage fans to look out for more numbers from the group. As the group members themselves have said, more golden music is on the way.

Well, we’ll be right here to share whatever else the group might release. If you don’t wanna miss out, follow our social media channels and stay tuned for updates.


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