The Sony Miracle: Expiry Dates Vanish From PlayStation Plus

For avid gamers out there, there appears to be a “meh” moment as Sony has seemingly removed the expiry date from its PlayStation Plus service. With this decision, it is no longer possible to view when a game will be removed from the service.

However, at the time of writing, The Last Chance to Play tab is still part of the home page and can be viewed by simply scrolling down, down the PS5. But does that make for the disappearance of the expiry date?

The opinions out there have been pretty mixed. While some avid gamers see the disappearance of the expiry date as no big deal, others think it is not exactly in the interest of the gamers – comparable to going to a pot of soup you loved and left somewhere only to find, to your chagrin, that it is no longer there.

But then, as yet others noted, there were clues about the possibility of a disappearance when the PS Plus membership was revamped back in June this year.

GTA: Vice City Definitive Edition and Rez Infinite on PS4 are two examples of games where expiry dates have simply vanished.

It remains to be seen what other changes Sont will announce – if at all.

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