The Sound Of Music: Brittany Smith Talks Her Role As Maria

Brittany Smith had the opportunity to play the character Maria in “The Sound Of Music,” and it has been a beautiful experience for her.

It is one thing to have a random role and a different ball game to be cast in a role that you want and love. That is exactly the case with Brittany Smith here.

it might be said that not everyone gets to be cast in the role for which they have an immersive interest. So when they get something that resonates with them, they are more than happy to grab it and put in their best as well.

Well, for Brittany Smith, it has been a rollercoaster of experiences for her as Maria. While it never occurred to her that she would one day play that role, she eventually did and loved the experience as well.

On the story itself, she was pretty generous with her praise, pointing out that it was beautiful – even more so because she was a part of creating such artistic beauty. Can you beat that?

Anyway from the look of things, her fans share similar verdicts about her role and about her role as Maria and about “The Sound Of Music” itself.

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