The Syndicate Africa: Kutloano ‘Da Kruk’ Nhlapo To Host New African Music Show on Los Angeles’ Dash Radio

South African disc jockey and producer Kutloano ‘Da Kruk’ Nhlapo will be hosting a radio show slot on Los Angeles’ Dash Radio, a premium, subscription-free radio station.

Dubbed The Syndicate Africa, the show goes by the tagline “Spinning the Best New Music from Africa” and will air every Friday at midday SAST (South African Standard Time) on Dash Radio/ Discover.

The South African music producer is excited about the new gig and can’t wait to start sharing his creative energy on the beat. According to the songster, he’ll be taking African music to even greater heights with his new role. He’s one of the musicians in the vanguard of South Africa’s movement.

Before joining Dash Radio, ‘Da Kruk had worked for YFM for ten years. He exited the station around this time last year (2021). Before his exit, however, he had won multiple awards.

In 2018, he was nominated for a South African Dance Music Award and a Liberty Radio Award. He had also won the Content Producer of the Year award four years in a row.

It will be interesting to see how he juggles his new duties at Dash Radio beginning Friday, April 1. Fans are expectant, and they have shared their pleasure in social media posts.

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