The Tragic End Of Anne Heche – Trapped In Burning House For 45 Minutes

Not everyone has seen death face to face, and indeed, not everyone cares to face death face to face. But then, life happens.

And it did, tragically, for actress Anne Heche. According to multiple reports, the car she was in had crashed into a home, resulting in a fine. She was in the vehicle for about 45 minutes before efforts were made to rescue her.

Recordings from the LA City Fire Department indicated that for about 20 minutes, firefighters from the department could not access the car she was stuck in even as the fire raged.

Deputy chief Field noted that the actress was found in the car, all right, but she wasn’t in the driver’s seat but on the floor bed of the passenger’s seat. It took about 20 minutes to remove the car from the burning house and rescue the actress from the inferno.

She was rushed to the hospital for emergency health attention. However, she died seven days after. A Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner report noted that she died from “smoke inhalation and thermal injuries.”

The actress was declared brain dead but placed on life support because she wanted to donate organs.

The report of her death provoked a wave of mourning from those who loved her.

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