The “Unsettled” Moment: Emtee Details AKA’s Last Words To Him

Last words are pretty symbolic in that people rarely know what they said at some point would be their last words to some people. And those hearing the words may not even realise then that it would be the last words they would hear from the other.

South African rapper Emtee has just given some insight into this symbolism when he spoke about AKA’s last words to him. AKA had featured Emtee on his song “Crown,” which was part of his posthumous “Mass Country” album.

Recalling the day they recorded the song, the “Prayer” crooner noted that AKA hugged him for about 10 seconds and bid him to stay safe and stay alive. It was a symbolic gesture and a symbolic moment because, according to Emtee, he is big on energy. He claimed to have been unsettled after that.

AKA and Emtee’s relationship dates back years. Both had collaborated previously – before they linked up again for “Crown.” In fact, AKA was one rapper Emtee looked up to and had publicly acknowledged as his idol.

Sadly AKA was killed with a point-blank short to the head as he stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florid Road in Durban on February 10 this year.

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