The Unveiling Of Tesla’s Cybertruck by Elon Musk – Watch

One thing you cannot deny Elon Musk is an oversized belief in his ventures and the successes of the same. So it wasn’t a suroeue when Tesla began official delivery of the Cybetruck on Thursday while also illuminating Musk’s boast that his pet baby is stronger than a bullet proof car and faster than a Porsche.

Elon Musk himself led the unveiling of the Cybertruck before a mixed audience, comprising journalists, car buffs, and other figures. It was the remabifestation of a dream that seemingly staggered previously when the glass shattered while he was trying to demonstrate the truck’s strength.

Well, that moment is comfortably in the past, as the current demonstration actually showed that the truck is indeed poerrful ad resilient, withstanding multiple bullet hits, as you will find out in the accompanying video at the end of this post.

There is palpable excitement over the news of the delivery schedule for the Cybertruck, with multiple social media users noting they have long placed their orders and cannot wait to take their rides for a spin through town.

The excitement the Cybertruch has been generating so far might presage a Cybertruck season. Now, that’s no small win for the meme-loving billionaire.

Giddy Musk unveils Cybertruck in Tesla's latest defiant bet | ABS-CBN News

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