The US Embassy In Angola Invites Aisia Casanova To Be A Part Of The Black History Month Commemoration

The US Embassy in Angola invites Aisia Casanova to be a part of the Black History Month commemoration.“It was a great honor to be invited by the US Embassy Luanda to the “Our Rhythms: The American Influence On Angolan Music” live concert series in celebration of the Black History Month – she posted on her social pages.

Serving as a Black History Month wrap up, the US Embassy in Angola put together the Nossos Ritmos series looking to highlight the contributions of the African-American community to the history of America and vice versa, especially those with links to Angola. The initiatitive is a two part, interview and virtual concert series featuring different musicians with different influence forms of musical art strongly impacted by the African-American community. Inclusive of Aisia Casanova, those who were prestigiously invited to be part of this series are renowned Angolan singer, Yola Semedo as well as Angolan rapper and entrepreneur, CFKappa.

During the sit down chat, the host points out the role music has played in history being the soundtrack for movements that promote change, equality and justice. She further posed a question as to what themes and efforts Aisia seeks to support and be a voice for. “All music is built on conceptual ideas. For me, I’ve always loved to write and sing songs about love. I think, that’s my thing; love and all of its different hues! I believe that love is the driving force for all of these movements because ultimately, anything you want to fight for, you better have passion and love for that movement, subject matter or that important issue for which you’d like to bring awareness to.” she explained.

Apart from that, I write a lot about bringing people from different walks of life together. So, I definitely say, you’ll always hear themes like diversity in my music. Inclusion is very important to me! Uuhm…open mindedness is really important to me and I think all those themes will come through not only in my lyrics but in the way I make my music…by just being here and collaborating with artists that are not from where I was raised!” she added.

Aisia Casanova has collaborated with multiple artists and producers in Angola such as renowed artist Gari Sinedima, Afrowarriors, M-Deponde, NedBeat and many others as well as other artists from the black community beyond Angolan borders such as FNote from

Watch the Nossos Ritmos live performance concert here.

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