“The Voice” Fans Roast Blake Shelton For “Ruining” Gwen Stefani’s Emotional Moment

It was to have been a splendid moment as Gwen Stefani got somewhat emotionally addressing one of the contestants on The Voice who had captured her attention. But then the pestilent ring of her husband and fellow coach Blake Shelton’s phone appeared to have ruined the moment – or so some fans are saying.

The prelude to the whole “fiasco” was when season 22 hopeful Cara Brandisi popped onto the stage to sing “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift. Both husband and wife were impressed with the singing, so they hit their red buttons to see the face behind the voice.

Thus began a back and forth over whose team Cara should join. In her attempt to persuade Cara, Gwen Stefan had dropped a heartfelt message in which she noted she is a fan of the lane Cara had taken in the song.

She also made it clear that genre s not as important as the message and what it does to the heart. She ended up saying she would love to work with Cara.

However, before Cara could respond, the alarm on Blake’s phone rang, disrupting the moment. Gwen took it in her stride, joking that her husband needed to take his medications; its nap time. Blake rode along, noting that his wife wasn’t kidding and that she was the one who had set the alarm for him

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