The Weeknd Dismisses Alleged Feud With Usher

has dismissed claims he has a feud with RnB champ Usher. In an interview back in April, The Weeknd had stated that Usher’s song “Climax” reminded him of his early sound. Usher had released “Climax” back in 2012 to heartwarming reception from the public.

When heard Usher’s song “Climax,” he imagined it was something that might have come from him. He said it was flattering but confessed that he also got angry.

Apparently Usher was informed of The Weeknd’s reaction to the song and responded indirectly in a video on his story. It’s a rendition of the “Climax” song. You can check it out below


This provoked an interesting debate online, inspiring Diplo, who produced the song, to set the records straight. You can check out Diolo’s thoughts in the screenshot below.

In an interview with Esquire, clarified that he never meant to disrespect Usher, who he describes as a fine gentle with a sweet soul. He said he had apologized to Usher.

This perhaps puts an end to the alleged feud between them. Or what do you think? You may want to join the conversation by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

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