‘The Wife’ Actor Bonko Khoza Talks How Parenthood Changed the Dynamics of His Marriage

“The Wife” star Bonko Khoza says parenthood changed the dynamics of his marriage.

Bonko Khoza and his wife Lesego are new parents, and they have opened up about how it has affected their marriage. Speaking to The Lakhs, the actor said it changed how he looks at his wife and made him in awe of her.

He said, “Naturally, there’s that added element in the home. What we knew as our dynamic has changed, and adjusting to it is tricky. Having a newborn, you live in three-hour gaps that she sleeps in, in the 24 hours.”

“It’s evident, the lack of sleep, the business, helping each other, relieving each other. At the foundation of it, we still got it. I’m learning more about Lesego and how amazing of a mother she is, she’s an amazing mom.”

Agreeing with her man, Lesego said she has had to adjust to his work schedule,

“In the first week of bringing the baby home, he had to be away for work, and I was alone at night because not everyone could wake up to help. Everything the baby did, I would text him.”

“We have telepathic senses where if I see that he’s struggling, I’m the first to say, ‘Let me help,’ and vice versa. We’re always there to help each other most of the time. Now that he has a hectic shooting schedule, I have the baby. I believe God has given me time to take care of the baby while he [Bonko] takes care of our finances.”

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