“The Wife” Breaks All Showmax Records

The Showmax flick The Wife has charmed many in South Africa, and they are already fevered with expectations of more soul-stopping drama.

 The Wife is a telenovela that unveils a union filled with many secrets. A love-truck journalist had married into a wealthy crime family that shares a profound bond and will do anything to defend one of its own.

Fans had been treated with a trailer of the flick before the official unveiling. The trailer got many gasping for the real thing, and when the full flick eventually premiered on Showmax, it was a smash hit, obliterating the records set by other movies, including Game of Thrones, Devlisdorp, and uThando Lodumo.

At the time of writing, the telenovela had aired its first three episodes as well as snapped the number one spot on Showmax streaming stats. Also, it trended for days on Mzansi Twitter

In a sense, it is a boast made and realized for Showmax, which had promised that the series will bring that drama that they have not witnessed before. It remains to be seen for how much longer the telenovela will train fan interest. We’ll be out here to bring you the details. Stay tuned if you please.

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