The Wife Showmax: Hlomu, Mqhele, Nqoba & Zandile In The Eyes Of Viewers

The Wife Showmax continues to rivet its viewers. Expectedly, they have not been slow in sharing their opinions about the popular telenovela.

It’s been a mixed back for the popular series this season, with fans unable to agree on how the story is playing out and the time allotted to each character.

While some peeps think season 2 was great, others were unimpressed by it. But they decided to watch it to the end anyway, to see what would happen to their faves.

From the comments from viewers so far, it’s clear that Mqhele, Zandile and Nqoba are among the favorites of viewers. As far as one fan is concerned, The Wife is now a tale of Hlomu and Mqhele.

Another fan complained that last season, Hlomu and Mqhele had a story but were given less screen time, while this season, Zandile and Nkosana had no storyline but were given more screen time.

Mqhele is clearly the star of most viewers’ grievances, and they think that he should have been given more time on screen, alongside Hlomu, this season you can check out some reactions below.

Will viewers’ comments reflect in the next episode? We can only say time will tell. Stay tuned

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