The Wife Showmax: Naledi, Qhawe & Hlomu Under The Microscope

The Wife Showmax: Naledi, Qhawe & Hlomu Under The Microscope

Since its inception, the series The Wife Showmax had captured the attention of audiences in South Africa and beyond. Episode after episode, there appears to be something to get the viewers talking, bringing the series not just to the consciousness of many but correspondingly to the trending list as well.

The latest episode was no different. Qhawe and Naledi appear to be of particular interest, as many viewers just can’t have enough of their love story, and others stating that they would want to experience something similar – whatever it takes.

Not everyone is impressed with them as a couple, though, as some viewers feel she is lowkey toxic and her man is always trying to prove himself. Clearly, to each his verdict.

Hlomu was of great interest to viewers as well and occupied much of their conversation, with some noting that she makes a great couple with Mqhele but no one has her back more than Langa.

The Wife Showmax is currently in its third and final season. From the reactions so far, chances are when the series eventually ends, it would still continue to breathe in the consciousness of fans. For now, fans are more than happy to immerse themselves in the moment.