Thebe Mogane Is In Trouble

Mzansi singer, Mogane is in trouble with an Events promoter.

It isn’t really a new year if an artist does not get into trouble with an events promoter. This time, Mzansi singer, Mogane is in trouble after failing to show up to an event in Maseru, he was paid to perform at by a promoter.

City Press reports that the popular Musician was hit with a small claims court letter of demand from Berry Bereng Matseletsele. This comes after he was forced to cancel his proposed music festival in January 2nd due to an alleged breach of contract on his part.

Matseletsele demands that the singer refund the amount of R10000 deposit which he was paid in December. The letter was presented to Midrand Police station on January 18, and the musician has been summoned to collect it. Failure to respond within 14 days would bring further action. City Press also reports that Mogane has refused to comment on the matter.