TheLastLetter Shares Cover Art & Release Date For “The Pink Room” EP

We have passed the era of “Pray for Me,” but that was certainly not the end of an era for musician TheLastLetter. On the contrary, it was the beginning of something new and memorable for the singer. She’s got a new project on the way, and the song mentioned earlier will be a part of it.

The songstress has announced she is releasing a new project dubbed “The Pink Room” EP. Her song “Pray for Me” will be a part of that project. According to her, the project will bear six tracks in all and will be released on January 19, 2024.

Not only has she announced the date and the number of tracks for the upcoming project, but she has shared the cover art for it as well. From the look of it, the songstress was determined to keep to the pink theme, not only in the title of the EP but in the cover art as well.

There is palpable excitement among her fans over the imminent project, with many of them pointing out that they can’t wait to listen to what the songstress has put together. Well, we are following events keenly and will be more than happy to share the project with you on release.

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