Themba Gorimbo’s Triumphant Victory Over Takashi Sato

Reveals Inspiring Journey and Colby Covington's Support

Opening Match – UFC Vegas 73

UFC Vegas 73 set the stage ablaze with its opening prelims. The eagerly anticipated welterweight showdown between Zimbabwe’s Themba Gorimbo and Japan’s Takashi Sato kept fans on the edge of their seats. Gorimbo dominated the early rounds, and despite appearing exhausted in the later stages, he summoned the strength to claim his first win in the octagon.

Gorimbo’s Journey of Adversity

Post his victory, Gorimbo was candid about his challenging journey to the UFC. He revealed the personal hardship he faced following his debut loss when friends and family distanced themselves, leaving him with a mere $7 in his account before this match.

Relocation and Support from Covington

Seeking a fresh start and professional growth, Gorimbo moved from Zimbabwe to Miami, Florida, to train at MMA Masters. Here, he found a formidable ally in Colby Covington, the top-ranked welterweight contender. Covington not only served as a mentor but also provided essential support when Gorimbo struggled financially, offering him meals during his dire times.

Zimbabwe’s Pride in UFC

Being the only fighter in the UFC from Zimbabwe, Gorimbo’s mere presence in the octagon is a significant accomplishment. His power, combined with impressive grappling skills, suggest a promising future in the welterweight division.

The Fight Recap: Gorimbo vs Sato

Despite a strong resistance from Sato, Gorimbo demonstrated relentless aggression and control throughout the fight. His robust takedown attempts kept his opponent on the defensive. Though Sato had his moments of dominance, Gorimbo’s defensive skills and quick escapes kept him in the fight.

In the final round, Sato needed a significant shift to turn the tide of the fight. However, it was Gorimbo who maintained control, dominating the round with another successful takedown and almost four minutes of back control. Sato’s last-minute reversal and offensive onslaught were insufficient to sway the judges.Themba Gorimbo'S Triumphant Victory Over Takashi Sato 2

Result: Victory for Gorimbo

Ultimately, all three judges scored the fight in favor of Gorimbo, taking his record to 11-4, while Sato’s record fell to 16-7. This victory marks a critical step forward in Gorimbo’s journey, reinforcing his status as a formidable contender in the welterweight division.

Other Results

Other notable matches of the night included Viacheslav Borshchev’s victory over Maheshate, dropping him to 9-3. The Russian fighter delivered a solid left hook and an unstoppable ground-and-pound attack, improving his own record to 7-3. The main event saw Mackenzie Dern emerge victorious against Angela Hill after five thrilling rounds.


Themba Gorimbo’s remarkable victory at UFC Vegas 73 is a testament to his resilience and determination. His journey, marked by adversity, has led to triumph, with invaluable support from fellow fighter Colby Covington. This victory opens exciting possibilities for his future, and fans await his next steps in the UFC welterweight division.

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